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PVC Flooring : Chem Safe / Tank Lining

Trouble-free protection for industrial needs

Tank lining is an easy and cost-effective solution to storage needs in industrial establishments. This kind of PVC lining can prevent leaks as well as makes the stored chemicals impervious to atmospheric and other external changes.

The lining can be used for wooden, steel or concrete tanks. PVC Tank lining also has the advantage of being molded into any contour that you want it to, owing to its flexible nature.


  • Resistance to NaOH solution
  • Resistance to Cotton Seed Oil
  • Resistance to Dil. Acids and various Chemicals
  • Available up to 1.5 mm 2.00 mm in rolled form

Available Colors :

  • Black
  • P Blue
  • Al Brown

Application :

  • Lining for Dechroming and Chroming Tank